Factors to consider when hiring a payday loan

If you are thinking of hiring a payday loan http://bored-now.org/techniques-for-being-accessible-as-an-industrial-real-estate-agent/ it is important to have certain knowledge when embarking on, possibly, the largest family investment that you can have. When you have decided to increase your assets with real estate, the first thing is to look for mortgage information and study them well: search for references of entities, compare different mortgages, browse the websites of banks and make use of common sense. We also recommend you to follow our 10 tips when hiring a mortgage.

In this search you should know some factors so that you do not get caught by surprise later:

The amount

It must be less than what the budget of our domestic economy allows and never forget a future rise in rates. Banks are offering up to 80% of the appraised value of the property.


The interest rate is key, since together with the term of the loan, it determines the total amount of the loan and, therefore, the monthly payment that will be paid for its amortization during said term. You have to be clear about the interest rates that you can offer us. There are fixed variable and fixed interest rates. The variable is the most common and is subject to fluctuations in interest rates (usually EURIBOR).


It is the amount that is paid periodically and that in the foreseen term the initial capital plus interest is returned. It has a part of the capital, which is called capital amortization, and a portion of interest. The normal thing is that the quotas are monthly, but they can also be bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. When a fee is not allowed, it is called a total deficiency. If it is allowed not to pay the part of amortization, that is to say, only the interests are paid, it is called partial or amortization deficiency.


If we say that our mortgage has a long-term, we must bear in mind that the fees to be paid will be lower but the interest will be higher. On the other hand, if we are going to contract a variable interest loan we will have to take into account the possibility that the interest rates go up.


One of the most important things before making this type of investment is to read the conditions or also call, “small print”. We must review the clauses. These can be reviewed in the binding offer that the entity will give you after you have studied your application and it has been approved. In it are all the clauses to avoid misunderstandings and confusion resulting from agreements or verbal negotiations.

Ground clauses and other conditions

This clause establishes a minimum to be paid in mortgage installments even if ordinary interest is below. The floor clause does not allow to benefit from the current low Euribor level. There are also the conditions of subrogations, change of creditor or contractual novations to change the terms of the mortgage.