Factors to consider when hiring a payday loan

If you are thinking of hiring a payday loan http://bored-now.org/techniques-for-being-accessible-as-an-industrial-real-estate-agent/ it is important to have certain knowledge when embarking on, possibly, the largest family investment that you can have. When you have decided to increase your assets with real estate, the first thing is to look for mortgage information and study them well: search for references of entities, compare different mortgages, browse the websites of banks and make use of common sense. We also recommend you to follow our 10 tips when hiring a mortgage.

In this search you should know some factors so that you do not get caught by surprise later:

The amount

It must be less than what the budget of our domestic economy allows and never forget a future rise in rates. Banks are offering up to 80% of the appraised value of the property.


The interest rate is key, since together with the term of the loan, it determines the total amount of the loan and, therefore, the monthly payment that will be paid for its amortization during said term. You have to be clear about the interest rates that you can offer us. There are fixed variable and fixed interest rates. The variable is the most common and is subject to fluctuations in interest rates (usually EURIBOR).


It is the amount that is paid periodically and that in the foreseen term the initial capital plus interest is returned. It has a part of the capital, which is called capital amortization, and a portion of interest. The normal thing is that the quotas are monthly, but they can also be bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. When a fee is not allowed, it is called a total deficiency. If it is allowed not to pay the part of amortization, that is to say, only the interests are paid, it is called partial or amortization deficiency.


If we say that our mortgage has a long-term, we must bear in mind that the fees to be paid will be lower but the interest will be higher. On the other hand, if we are going to contract a variable interest loan we will have to take into account the possibility that the interest rates go up.


One of the most important things before making this type of investment is to read the conditions or also call, “small print”. We must review the clauses. These can be reviewed in the binding offer that the entity will give you after you have studied your application and it has been approved. In it are all the clauses to avoid misunderstandings and confusion resulting from agreements or verbal negotiations.

Ground clauses and other conditions

This clause establishes a minimum to be paid in mortgage installments even if ordinary interest is below. The floor clause does not allow to benefit from the current low Euribor level. There are also the conditions of subrogations, change of creditor or contractual novations to change the terms of the mortgage.


Get easy money without paperwork with payday loans

In the face of any unforeseen event, or for times when we need extra liquidity, we can resort to quick credits or if you need and online advance to obtain a certain amount of money in just a few minutes and with hardly any paperwork. We can enjoy easy money and return it in a month without any problem if we comply with the requirements.

How to get easy and fast money

The ways to get easy money today are very numerous and all of them are different. Now, if we need it quickly, the list of companies that can help us will be significantly reduced. If we carry out a good comparative work we can find companies with which we can receive several hundred euros in 15 minutes, with really simple application processes.

Now, these products with which we get easy money should not be used as substitutes for monthly income, mainly because of its high cost. Their interests are around 1.1% daily and are returned in a single payment composed of the easy money requested plus the interest generated. The repayment term is 30 days maximum. Thus, if we ask 100 euros to reimburse in a month with the mentioned cost, the loan will generate a total of 33 euros in interest and we will have to amortize 133 euros in total.

The main purpose of the companies that market this type of mini-credits is to offer quick and easy money to people who see themselves in specific situations of need, as a result of unforeseen economic problems, such as calling a plumber, fixing the washing machine, paying a fine, etc.

The main objective of these minicréditos is to grant us easy money urgently to face an unexpected economic or unexpected expense. Some examples of situations for which these products are useful are the payment of fines or the repair of a breakdown at home that is essential.

Requirements to get fast credits in minutes

Although getting urgent money with these types of loans is very easy, it is important to know that we will have to repay them within a maximum period of one month and that we must comply with a minimum of conditions so that they grant us the financing we are looking for. Although each entity will have its own requirements in accordance with its terms and conditions, the vast majority usually ask for the following:

  • Reside in Spain We must show through our ID, NIE or passport that we live permanently in the national territory.
  • Be of legal age We will have to overcome the minimum age that the company to which we direct establish. It usually moves between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Count on income We will have to be able to show that we receive regular and sufficient remuneration to be able to face the reimbursement of the easy money requested without problems and within the agreed period.

To know that we comply with these requirements, the entity will ask us to fill out an online form with our personal and economic data and to send a minimum of documentation. Based on this information, the entity will perform an analysis at the moment and will give us an answer in a few minutes.

How do I get easy money step by step

As already mentioned, getting money with payday loans from GADcapital is very easy. The main objective of these loans is to offer their users fast and convenient financing so that their application process is very agile. As a general rule, most entities will follow a protocol very similar to the following:

  1. Choose the amount and the term. The web pages of the lenders have a loan simulator that will show us the final price of the financing after selecting these two parameters, even before starting the application.
  2. Fill in the online form We will have to enter our personal and economic data to formalize the request and allow the entity to perform the relevant credit analysis to approve our request.
  3. Send the documentation. We must send to the company all those documents that require us so that the lender can certify that the data of the form is true. Generally, they will ask us for the DNI or NIE, a bank statement and a proof of income.
  4. Sign the contract Once the entity approves our request, we will send the contract, which will be highly recommended that we read carefully. If we agree with all the clauses, we can proceed to sign it and resubmit it.

Once the quick money entity has the signed contract, it will make the transfer of the requested credit to the current account number that we have indicated. This process will take about 15 minutes, since being a fully automated process, it can be done almost instantaneously.

How to reimburse quick mini-credits


It is very important to bear in mind that when requesting urgent loans to obtain easy money we will have to reimburse them in a maximum term of one month and in a single quote. That is, at the end of the indicated period, we will return the money that we have requested along with the generated interest. According to the entity we go to, we can reimburse the money through different modalities:

  • Refund for transfer. We must give the order from our bank account to transfer the indicated funds to the account of the entity. The quick mini-credits will put different numbers of accounts at our disposal so that we can choose the one that suits us best. The transfer can be carried out either online or in person at our office.
  • Cash refund We can go to an office of the bank where the lender has his checking account and enter the money in cash at the indicated number. In this case, it is especially important to identify the payment to avoid misunderstandings and to certify that we have returned the money.
  • Payment with cards. In the same way that if it were an online purchase we can reimburse the easy money obtained through the mini-credits with a card payment in the entity’s own platform.

It is essential to be completely sure of being able to reimburse the fast credits in the agreed term and the amount used plus your interests, since if we can not fall into a default that leads to a spiral of debts from which it is very difficult to leave- payday down debt and consolidate.

How long does it take to get the money fast?

Depending on the type of quick money credit we go to, the capital will take more or less money to reach our account. The quickest loans are the mini-credits since they allow us to obtain financing in 15 minutes and with hardly any paperwork. However, the capital can sometimes take up to two business days to reach our account, even when the lender has made the transfer of the requested money instantly.